Dr. Steve Steinberg
Geographic Information Officer (GIO), Internal Services Department,
County of Los Angeles


Where is my data? It’s on your hard drive! But, when you consider data you use in your daily work the majority of it is, in some manner, linked to a location – an address, a census tract, a community, a school district area or any number of comparable location-based descriptors. So why do so many of us assess these data without consideration of the spatial context? More importantly, how can we leverage this extra value-added component to enhance our understanding and presentation of data in a visual manner?

About Dr. Steve Steinberg

Dr. Steven J. Steinberg is the Geographic Information Officer (GIO) for Los Angeles County California. In collaboration with a team of highly skilled GIS professionals, he guides the geospatial strategy for more than 10 million residents and 100,000 county employees across 37 departments. Dr. Steinberg, a self- titled “geospatial evangelist” is passionate about the use of technology to solve real problems of people and their environment. Prior to joining LA County, he served as Principal Scientist and Department Head for Information Management and Analysis at the Southern California Coastal Water Research Project Authority (SCCWRP) and as a Professor of Geospatial Science at Humboldt State University, California. He continues teaching as an Adjunct Professor and is actively involved in geospatial leadership positions and professional organizations including URISA, ASPRS, CGIA. He has co-authored two books on geospatial science applications.


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